Responsive Website Design

We build websites that look great on any web device – from computers to mobile phones.

More than 50% of web traffic today is on mobile devices and when you include ipads and tablets, the proportion of websites being viewed on full size computers is reducing all the time. Yet many businesses still have websites that are optimised for computers and don’t display well on a phone.

At Unique Designs we can integrate what’s known as responsive design with every website we build. This means your website will automatically resize to look good on any type on device – from a full size PC down to a mobile phone and anything in between.

Responsive design means the elements on the web page will rearrange themselves to fit the size of the screen. It is the way of the future. While some businesses have opted for separate mobile and tablet websites, we believe responsive design is a better option in most cases.

Instead of having to update a desktop website, a tablet website and a smartphone website, you will only have to update one web property if it uses responsive design. This saves both time and money. With responsive web design all your visitors will get the same content, regardless of how they find you.

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