The Website Design Process

When I design your website, I will work alongside you in a partnership, usually via email, relying on information that you provide about the purpose of your site, and about your business or organisation.

The more information that you can supply me about what you like, and what you don't like, the easier it will be for me to come up with the best website for you.

Do not underestimate your role in the website design process. The more information that you can supply, the better.

There are two key areas where you can help me design the best possible site that will work to build your business.

1. Know What Pages You Want On Your Website.

As well as your home page, where you will include your most persuasive sales copy and an outline of your products or services, you will require other pages, which focus on different aspects of your business. It is a huge help to me as designer if you have a clear idea of the pages you want on your site - and provide a suggested title for each page. This speeds up the design process and also helps me to get an idea of the different aspects of your business.

The title of each page will go on the navigation buttons on your site. These navigation buttons are a vital part of your site, because they help your visitors get quickly from one page to another.

Usually, the navigation buttons are in a graphic form that is part of a website's overall look/design. So I need to know which buttons to include in the design of your site before we add any content.

Knowing what pages you need can also help you decide which one of Unique Designs' Web Packages you require, as this depends on the number of pages your site consists of.

2. Add Content To Each Page On Your Website

Once we have finalised a list of pages - and titles for each navigation button - we need to add content to your site. This comprises of words and images.

You will probably want to include your business logo on your site. (If you don't yet have a logo, I can design one for you.) You may also want to include some photographs of your products, or perhaps of yourself and your staff. I will need to rely on you to provide these at an early stage of the design process.

If you're selling products online and need a product photographer, I highly recommend UK based, Fanfare Photography who can take amazing product photos, perfect for the web.

Don't under-estimate the importance of the words on your site. It's the words that communicate your message. It's the words that sell your product or service. The best person to write your website content is you... because no one knows your products or services like you do. No one else can fully share your passion for your business.

I recommend you write your website content in a Microsoft Word, or a similar programme. Open a new page for each page of your website.

As you watch your website taking shape, you will get a great buzz of excitement. There's also an added bonus for your business - because the process of designing your website and writing the content forces you to focus on the benefits you can offer your customers or clients. At the end of the process you will not only have a website, but also a fresh vision for your business.

If we work through the process together as outlined above, I can guarantee you will have a website that really works to build your business.